About Us

  • About Us

    Volleyball Agency Company is a full service management company regarding all the needs of volleyball players, coaches and clubs.
    Our mission is to offer to our athletes full support and best services in order to help them to be improved and achieve their goals. Our company agents realize the needs of their clients and for this reason they are able to manage them proficiently in every step of the way. It should be noted that the athletes that we represent are not only our clients but also our friends.
    Last but not least, it is important to be mentioned that we are keen on our clients and be focused on them with the purpose of our mutual success.
  • Mike Aidonidis

    Χωρίς τίτλο

    Mike Aidonidis was born in Athens 1989. He studied sports journalism and in juniors he got involved with many sports but he finally ended up to be involved in volleyball.
    Mike founded Volleyball-Agency in 2014 and he started the business by making deals for men volleyball players in the Greek league. His knowledge of the world of volleyball and his passion about this professional career made him as one if the most popular agents in the Greek Championship.
    Nowadays, he cooperates with agents and clubs all over the world and these cooperations are expanded every day. He deals with male volleyball markets and at the moment he is having clients who are playing in France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Belgium etc.
  • Kevin Duquette

    Kevin is from Ontario, Canada and obtained his BA from Wilfrid Laurier University. He also holds multiple sport and leadership certificates from Columbia University and Johan Cryuff Institute.Kevin is passionate about player development, wellbeing, and the global connections made in professional volleyball.Kevin joined VBA in 2016 while living in Europe and has since lived in Sydney, Australia. He now currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.
    WhatsApp: +1 778 980 0397.